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Governors have a vital role. They help set the strategic direction of the school and ensure it delivers on its responsibilities. This requires a group of committed people from many walks of life with a mix of skills and experience. They all share an interest in education, a desire to help the school and an enquiring mind.

Almost anyone over 18 years of age can become a governor. There are no particular qualifications or requirements other than a commitment to give time to the role and a capacity for working with other people. The most important thing is that governors have skills to contribute and the willingness to learn and develop their abilities as governors.

This is a part-time, voluntary role which is very rewarding and interesting. Successful applicants will be given a full induction programme and on-going training and support is available

Our Governing Body

Overall Governing Body Arrangements

Our Governing Body meet 6 times a year using the Circular model.  Our structure is reviewed annually and agreed by all Governors.

Structure and Remit

The Governors meet as a full Governing Body at all meetings.

All Governors are a member of the Personnel & Pay Committee, Complaints Committee, Personnel Appeal Committee & Pupil Discipline Committee.  

The Governors meet in November, December, March, April, June & July

In this academic year, the Governors have decided to remain with the same Governing structure.

Committee Structure

As the Governing Body meet as a whole, there are few sub committees.  All decisions are made at the 6 meetings.

The Chair of Governors chairs all meetings.  In her absence, the Vice Chair acts as Chair.


Headteacher Performance Review Panel

Remit Overview: To annually review the Headteacher’s performance over the previous academic year and agree performance objectives for the forthcoming year.

  • Paul Gerrard
  • Jackie Lowe
  • Ray Moulsdale

Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Committee

Remit Overview:

To consider any grievance raised by a member of staff,

To consider and make decisions that could result in a disciplinary sanction against an employee,

To implement the school’s redundancy procedures when necessary.

  • Mr Brian Spencer
  • Mr Paul Gerrard
  • Mrs Steph Topping

The following committees will be formed when necessary: (minimum of 3 governors)

Complaints Committee

Remit Overview: To investigate and respond to any complaint referred to the committee in accordance with procedures adopted by the Governing Body.

Appeals Committee

Remit Overview: To review any decision made by the Staff Discipline, Grievance and Dismissal Committee or the Complaints Committee.

Membership to consist of any three governors not involved in the original decision.

Our Governing Body

The Headteacher

Mr Stuart Perkins

Staff Governor (Elected by the staff)
Mrs Sharon Farrell

Parent Governors (Elected by Parents and Carers of pupils at the school)
Mrs Jane Kinsey
Mrs Diane Wainwright
Mrs Stephanie Brown
Mrs Amanda Wardell

LA Governor (Appointed by the Governing Body on recommendation by the LA)
Mr Paul Gerrard

Co-opted Governors (Appointed by the Governing Body)
Mrs Karen Crosby
Mrs Jackie Lowe (Chair)
Mr Brian Spencer
Mrs Steph Topping (Vice Chair)
Ms Natalie Ford
Miss Vicky Haslam

Associate Members
Mrs Tracey Watson-Jones – Finance Committee and Health and Safety Committee

Associate members are not governors. They have been appointed because they have expertise in a particular area. They do not have voting rights on the full governing body but have been granted voting rights at the committees upon which they have been appointed to serve to the extent allowed by regulations.


Nominated Governors

SEND Governor: Amanda Wardell

Safeguarding/Health and Safety: Natalie Ford

Link Governor: Paul Gerrard

Appointed Governor: Jackie Lowe

Appointed Governor: Ray Moulsdale

Appointed Governor: Paul Gerrard

Governors Forum Representative: Natalie Ford


Type of Governor Surname Forename Start Term End Term Business/Pecuniary Interests Related to School Staff Other Governance Roles
 Headteacher  Perkins  Stuart  01/09/19  -  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Co-Opted  Crosby  Karen  25/06/18  24/06/22  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Co-Opted  Moulsdale  Ray  01/09/19  31/08/23  Nil Return  Partner  None
 Co-Opted  Lowe  Jackie  12/11/18  11/11/22  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Co-Opted  Spencer  Brian  12/11/18  09/11/22  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Co-Opted  Topping  Steph  12/11/18  09/11/22  Nil Return  Parent  None
 Co-Opted  Haslam  Vicky  16/03/20  15/03/24  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Local Authority  Gerrard  Paul  29/10/17  28/10/21  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Parent  Brown  Stephanie  08/03/18  07/03/22  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Parent  Ford  Natalie  01/03/17  28/02/21  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Parent  Wardell  Amanda  15/12/17  14/12/21  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Staff  Farrell  Sharon  12/06/17  11/06/21  Nil Return  Nil return  None


Associate Members

Type of Governor  Surname Forename Start Term End Term Business/Pecuniary Interests Related to School Staff Other Governance Roles
 Associate  Member  Watson-Jones  Tracey 30/09/19 29/09/23  Nil Return  Nil return  None


Governors serving over the previous 12 months

Type of Governor Surname Forename Start Term End Term Business/Pecuniary Interests Related to School Staff Other Governance Roles
 Co-Opted  Yates  Rebecca  03/10/16  02/10/20  Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Associate  Member  Kaminski  Karina  09/11/18   30/09/19
 Nil Return  Nil return  None
 Co-Opted  Evans  Chris  01/09/19  31/10/19  Nil Return  Nil return  None


You can view the attendance of each of our governors at meetings over the past academic year by clicking this link.