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Welcome to our Reading Page!


Why We Read: Musings from a Bookworm | Aspen Words

This page is dedicated to the love of reading! At Willow Tree Primary School, reading is at the very heart of the curriculum. 


Reading is such an important part of your child's learning both inside and outside of school. It promotes well-being, develops imagination as well as enhancing vocabulary. It is important in every other subject and regular reading means better progress at school!


Parents can support their child's reading development by regularly reading at home. Just 10 minutes every evening can make a huge difference. We recommend that you read with your child as often as possible and any books you read at home (not just home reading books) should be noted down on go read or in their reading diaries. 

Reading Spine

At Willow Tree, we have developed a ‘Curriculum Reading Spine’ of core, high quality texts for each year group from EYFS to Year 6. We have carefully chosen a selection of books that sit at the very core of the curriculum for their own year group. 


We have also developed 'Year Group Reading Spines' that are a group of age appropriate texts, that allow us to develop our interests and truly read for pleasure. We can access these books in class and take them home for home readers. Take a look at all of our reading spines below. 

Our Reading Challenge 

We want our children to love reading as much as we do... therefore we want to set challenges and reward those that achieve it. 

Bronze Award: for children that have read 10 books 

Silver Award: for children that have read 20 books 

Gold Award: for children that have read 30 books 

Platinum Award: for children that have read 50 books

All badges given out in assemblies, children must return their previous badge to receive the next level. All completed books are to be recorded in home/ school diaries. 


Our library

Placed at the heart of our school, is our wonderful library. Every week pupils have the opportunity to visit the library; it’s a time when they can explore the shelves independently and “lose themselves in a good book”. 


Happy reading!