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    Weekly News 10/12/21

    10 December 2021 (by Chloe Topping (chloetopping))

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    Dear Parents & Carers,

    Update from Mr Perkins

    Hello everyone, I hope everyone is keeping warm in this chilly and windy weather we have been having recently.  As you'll be aware, I have decided to move our Christmas performances online this year so to still have some festive cheer, I have asked each teacher to contribute to the newsletter this week with some exciting learning or event from their class.  In these difficult times, it can be hard to still see that lots of exciting things are still happening.  I hope you enjoy reading them.

    There is a separate letter coming out today which details some important changes which are happening in school from January.  Please ensure you have received it.

    I have put some dates for Christmas which went out in the original Christmas letter as a reminder as we edge towards the end of term:

    Wednesday 15th December - Panto - This is still going ahead as planned.

    Monday 20th December - Christmas Dinner with Christmas jumpers.

    Tuesday 21st December - Class Christmas Parties.

    Wednesday 22nd December - Christmas Brunch. School will close at 2pm on this day with no after school club.

    All performances will be filmed and placed on your child's Jotter Learn or Tiny Tracker page by Wednesday 22nd December.

    This will be the final normal newsletter of the term.  I will send any final updates and end of term notices out on Wednesday 22nd December.

    Have a lovely weekend.

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    Year 5 - Geography Topic - Sow, Grow and Farm

    After Christmas, in Year 5, our next geography topic will be 'Sow, Grow and Farm.' To provide a memorable experience we would like to take the children to visit a local allotment to see what goes on there and talk to allotment holders about what can be grown. If anyone has an allotment in the local area (or knows somebody who has one), please could you contact Miss Haslam or Mrs Ware so that we can arrange a visit. Thanks!

    Trees to Plant at Home

    If any parents would like to have any baby trees to plant at home or in their locality, they are welcome to have some free of charge from school. Reception class have been planting them this week but there are too many for us. Please call to the office if you would like one.

    Learning Activities throughout school


    Reception children have been planting trees and immersing themselves in the environment. So good for physical and mental health. Creating respect and a sense of responsibility for our world.

    Year 1

    We have had a very busy term as we have settled into Year 1. It is so different from Reception and we have been working really hard in all of our lessons and are trying our best. We are learning to count forwards, backwards and from any given number to 100 in Maths and in English we are writing our own sentences to create a narrative based on the story of Rapunzel. We have especially enjoyed learning all the songs and actions for our nativity too!  

    Year 2

    In Year 2 we have been working really hard learning the lines and moves for their nativity performance. We have given parts to all the children so it should be something lovely to watch- they are very excited and can’t wait to show you!

     Year 3BD

    Year 3BD have absolutely blown our socks off with their exceptional behaviour this term. They work hard in all their lessons and approach everything with a smile.

    They have had lots of fun on our trips to Sutton Academy to take part in food technology classes. They have amazed us with their baking skills and they have enjoyed making yoghurt pots, pizza, cookies and chicken nuggets. We hope you have enjoyed sampling their delicious delicacies at home.

    YEAR 3P

    Y3P have left the Stone and Bronze Ages behind and are exploring the Iron Age. They have been investigating hillforts, which were Iron Age settlements that were built on top of a hill! The height of a hillfort gave a good view of the surrounding area and the ditches and ramparts around the edge provided protection. Next week we will be finding out what an Iron Age hoard is…

    Year 4

    Year 4 have had a very creative time this half term. We have created Anglo Saxon homes, using lollipop sticks and other forms of cladding. The fun doesn't just stop there! Anglo Saxon treasure has been found in Sutton Hoo and transported across the country to Clockface. We all look forward to continuing our theme of Anglo Saxons and maybe even coming into conflict with some marauding Vikings next half term. 

    Year 5W

    Year 5W have written some fabulous narratives in English using alliteration, similes and personification. In Steps to Read they really impressed us with their performance of the Jabberwocky – Well Done !

    Year 5H

    We have had so much fun learning this half term! We have been developing our writing skills in English. We have produced some excellent setting narratives based on our text - FArTHER. This linked into our Space work in Science, where we learned about Katherine Johnson - an inspirational African-Caribbean woman who worked at NASA in 1953. Our history topic has really captured our interest too. Learning about the Ancient Greek Gods and Godesses and where the Olympic Games originated from has inspired us to write some fabulous non-chronological reports. 

    Year 6

    Year 6 have had a busy couple of weeks, making Anderson shelters that replicate the real life shelters from WW2 and finding out about Winston Churchill’s role in the war. The children have mastered simplifying, converting and finding equivalent fractions in Maths and have written excellent Newspaper Articles about enormous eggs found on a local beach. They’ve started to develop their understanding of what dharma means to Hindus and were fascinated by the idea of reincarnation. Well done Year 6 on some wonderful learning and excellent progress this term! 

    Fencing Club

    ome Year 6 children have really enjoyed their sessions in the After School Activity Club. Fencing requires co-operation and teamwork. The protective clothing is tricky to put on but is essential that it is put on properly. They have all learned some new skills.