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    Weekly News 19/11/21

    19 November 2021 (by Chloe Topping (chloetopping))

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    Dear Parents & Carers,

    Update from Mr Perkins

    Hello everyone!  I hope you are all okay.  This week in school, we have been having our annual Diversity Week.  During the week, all classes have been working on their No Outsiders lessons and we had a performance on Wednesday called 'You, Me & Us' - an anti-bullying show.  It was a fabulous performance which the children have told me they really enjoyed.

    Could I ask that the children come to school in their full uniform - including shoes - as detailed on our school website?  The children should also be coming in their school PE kit for lessons.  Your support in this would be greatly appreciated and supports the children as they get older and move onto high school.

    I have sent out a letter today regarding Christmas dates.  Please ensure you have received it.  However, I cannot emphasise enough that this is what we are planning to do if we are able to.  There is a chance if there are a significant amount of high cases as we near Christmas that the performances may be cancelled.  This would be a last resort, but I would like you to be aware that it may happen.  I will give as much notice as I can if this is the case.  Thank you for your understanding as always.

    As the nights are getting darker and colder weather is on the way, could we ensure the children have a coat etc for playtime and lunchtime?

    Have a lovely weekend!

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    Parent Governor Role

    If you are interested in becoming a school Governor please contact the school office for further information.


    If you have not accessed your ParentPay account would you please try to as soon as you can. If you have lost your username and password or are having any difficulties please call into the office.

    Christmas Dates for the Local Area

    1st December lights are switched on at Four Acre shops at 4.00, St Helens Mayor is attending. 

    2nd December Shining Light at Sutton Manor School at 4.00, children will be singing Christmas Carols

    3rd December, lights switched on at Field Rd switch at 4.00.