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    Weekly Update (05/02/21)

    5 February 2021 (by Chloe Topping (chloetopping))

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    Friday 5th February 2021


    Dear Parents & Carers,

    I hope you are all well and it is pleasing that the morning and evenings are getting lighter now – Spring is on its way!  You may have seen on our Twitter and Facebook feed yesterday that we had a helicopter in school as Scottish Power have removed one of the pylons on Willow Tree Avenue.  I am sorry that not all the children were able to experience seeing the helicopter, but it would nice to share the videos with your child if you get the chance.

    Just a reminder that school will be closed to all children including vulnerable and key worker children over the half term break.  This means school will close next Friday 12th February and reopen on Monday 22nd February. 

    Literacy Counts Webinar

    I placed an update on the main school website page for a free webinar run by our Literacy consultant.  Literacy Counts manager Gareth Davies has worked with staff extensively over the Autumn term in implementing our teaching approach to reading called Steps to Read.  His company has offered free webinars on how to support reading at home as only through both school and home working on reading will the children become confident, well-read readers.  I have placed all the details for the Zoom meeting on our school website.  I do hope you’ll be able to join one of the two meetings and it provides you with some wonderful ideas to use at home.


    During their weekly calls home, all teachers have been asking about permission for your child/ren to take part in a Teams meeting next Friday (12th February).  I am conscious that most of the children will not have seen their teacher or other children in their class for a long time now.  To help with this, I have asked teachers to arrange a Teams meeting for their class.  It will just be an opportunity for everyone in the class to see each other, have a brief chat and hopefully begin to build up relationships in preparation for our return to school.  If you have not provided your email address, please contact your child’s teacher via their email address to provide it.  Your child will not be able to join the meeting without one.  I hope your child will be able to join the meeting and finds it a positive experience!

    Please be on time!

    If I could just send out a plea to be on time dropping off and collecting children?  I have put our timings below.  School is being closed at 3:30pm every day in my efforts to protect the teaching staff in school during the lockdown so it is not acceptable to be late.

    I will have to ask parents who collect late consistently to collect their child earlier.  Thank you for your support in this matter.

    Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be allowed to arrive from 8:45am – 8:55am with Reception at 8:45am; Year 1 at 8:50am and Year 2 at 8:55am.  Please do not arrive before this as the playground gates will not be open and it is leading to groups gathering at the front of school which is making social distancing difficult.

    Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 will arrive later at 9am – 9:10am with Year 3 at 9am; Year 4 at 9:05am; Year 5 and Year 6 at 9:10am

    Friendly Reminder

    Just a little reminder that now and when school opens more fully, there should be no riding of bicycles, scooters etc on the school grounds and no smoking (vape included) on the school premises or near the school gate.  Thank you.

    I wish you all a lovely weekend.  Stay safe and take care.

    With very best wishes,

    Mr Perkins