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    Weekly Update (20/11/20)

    20 November 2020 (by Chloe Topping (chloetopping))

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    Friday 20th November 2020

    Weekly Update

    Dear Parents & Carers,

    I hope you’re all okay.  It has been another very busy week in school which has flown by with so many wonderful things happening and lots of learning for the children.

    Christmas Plans

    As you can imagine, we are having to change our plans for Christmas this year due to our current restrictions.  I am finalising the plans with all staff this week and I will be in a position to share what we are doing for the children this year.  I will keep you posted soon on our plans.

    Self Isolating

    Thank you to all members of our school community who self-isolate when required to by Track & Trace or when school closes a bubble.  However, it is important that if your children from high school are self isolating, they do not come to school.  I know this may cause some issues, but it is important that any person asked to self isolate does not come to school to prevent transmission.  Thank you for your help with this.


    Here are a reminder of the timings for your child/ren to come to school.  The times have not changed since they were introduced on 18th September.  We have noticed some children, particularly older children, coming much earlier than their slot.  Could I ask to reduce our contacts, we all stick to our timings as much as possible?

    Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will be allowed to arrive from 8:45am – 8:55am with Reception at 8:45am; Year 1 at 8:50am and Year 2 at 8:55am.  Please do not arrive before this as the playground gates will not be open and it is leading to groups gathering at the front of school which is making social distancing difficult.

    Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 will arrive later at 9am – 9:10am with Year 3 at 9am; Year 4 at 9:05am; Year 5 and Year 6 at 9:10am.

    If you have a child in the older year groups, where possible please could they stay with you on the playground before moving round to their class rather than going around to their class too early?  This is to prevent too many contacts and groups congregating on the playground.  If this proves difficult for you, you may bring your younger children later with your older children.  However, the children must in school by 9:15am at the latest.  After this time, your child will receive a late mark.  Thank you for your support with this as always.

    Throughout school we spend a lot of time with the children teaching them how to work together, behave and model the behaviour we want through our actions.  I wish to remind you that any poor behaviour will not be tolerated as it is not tolerated with children.  I will take any action I need to ensure that our school environment is safe for all including speaking with parents, issuing warning about conduct and any more serious actions I can take.  Thank you for your support in modelling the correct behaviour.

    I wish you all a lovely weekend.

    With very best wishes,

    Mr Perkins