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    Weekly Update (02/10/20)

    2 October 2020 (by Chloe Topping (chloetopping))

    Find out what has been happening in school this week.

    Friday 2nd October 2020

    Weekly Update

    Dear Parents & Carers,

    I hope you are all keeping well.  We’ve had some turbulent weather this week which has made school feel incredibly Autumnal, but seeing stream of smiling faces arriving in the morning ready for their learning brightens up even the dullest day!

    New Website

    I have been working over the last few months on a new main school website.  I have been promised that this should go live today, but if not today, it should appear over the next week.  I have tried to design a website which makes it easy for all users to find the information they require.

    The website address remains the same as our previous website https://www.willowtree.st-helens.sch.uk.

    On our new website, there are a few tabs which will contain all the information you may need.

    Under the ‘Parent Information’ tab, you will find general information about the school which you may need as a parent such as Early Help, Curriculum (which will give you information about our curriculum), E-Safety support, Home Learning (which will give you links to our home learning platforms) as well as the all important term dates and lunch menu!

    Under the ‘School Information’ you will find more school specific information such as Safeguarding, our school performance/results, link to our OfSTED report, Governors information, relevant policies and statements about we spend our Pupil Premium and Sport Premium money.

    Each class will have their own page on our school website as well.  The information from the old class pages has been transferred across and teachers will continue to update this with any relevant information for your child’s class.

    On the main homepage at the top, you will find tabs for our school Facebook and School Twitter account.  Both will be used to show you as parents what the children are learning in school and exciting activities they are experiencing in school.  There is also a ‘latest news’ section where important updates and letters will be placed and a school calendar which will be an excellent reference for key school events.

    I hope you find the new website a useful source of information.  If you have any questions, please come and see me in the morning on the school gate.

    My Maths Online Learning

    Your child will have a letter showing how they can log into their My Maths account to complete the Maths homework set by their teacher.  If you need any further help or support, please see your child’s teacher in the first instance. 

    Autumnal Weather

    As the weather has started to change, could you please ensure that your child comes to school with a coat and a school jumper (even on their PE days!)?  Thank you.

    Road Safety

    We have a few near misses over the last couple of weeks with our children and crossing the road safely.  Could I ask that you discuss road safety with your child/ren over the weekend, particularly if they walk home on their own?  Thank you.

    Bikes in the playground

    It’s fantastic to see so many children using their bikes or scooters to come to school in the morning to try and keep healthy or for a little bit of exercise.  However, we are having a few near misses again on the school grounds and some accidents on the way to school.  Therefore, for the safety of all, I am going to ask that scooters are not ridden on the school grounds, children dismount from their bikes at the school gate and extra care is taken on the way to school so the children do not injure any other child or member of the public.  Thank you for your cooperation in this.

    Sensible Parking

    I have received a call from a resident on Tauton Avenue regarding a parent parking across their drive.  Could I ask that when collecting your children from school you park sensibly and not block resident’s driveways?  Your cooperation is much appreciated.

    I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

    With very best wishes,

    Mr Perkins