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For further parent information, please see the EYFS page on the website :-)

March Parental Forest School afternoon

What a lovely afternoon was had by all.  A smashing turnout by parents on a lovely sunny afternoon.  We enjoyed Natural Maths, Earth Games, Wood Chopping, Fire Lighting, Toasting Brioche over the Fire, Hot Chocolate and songs.

January's Parental Workshop - Maths


A huge thankyou to all of our parents who attended the maths workshop in EYFS. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did!

A warm welcome to our Early Years Foundation Unit.


Welcome to the Reception and Nursery class page. Here you will find out all about our programme of learning and routines for this first half of the Summer Term.  The children are making excellent progress and we are really proud of how well they behave and their attitude towards learning.  They are a super stars.


The staff are always available to meet and greet in the morning and again at the end of the session.  


Our topic this term is 'New Life'.  If your children have anything from home that they wish to

share relating to plant, insect, frog and bird lifecycles we would be delighted to see.  This term we will

be having two class trips.  The first is to WIndmill Farm and the second to Blackpool Sealife Centre.

I am thrilled to report that the vast majority of the class now know all the letter sounds and are reading.    Reading books and Ditty Sheets will be exchanged throughout the week so please make sure that book bags are in school every day. We hope that you will read with your child at least three times during the week.  Children are awarded Dojo points for both bringing the books and also for having shared the books at home, so remember to sign the Reading Record as "points means prizes".

In Maths we will continue our journey of learning the uniqueness of each numbers upto twenty as well as learning shapes, space and measures.

We will be teaching the children about contolling technology during computing sessions this term.

The children will be finding out about different celebrations from different religions.

As part of our study for 'Understanding the World' we would like to compare people and communities.  If you have any photos that you would like to share please feel free to email them to the class teacher or send them to school in an envelope for safe keeping.  We will combine this topic with Geography in terms of looking at how the weather has changed over time and impacted upon our environment and wildlife.

In Art we shall be looking exploring model making.  The children shall explore a variety of media.

In Music this term, we shall be following the 'Cheranga' scheme and the children will be learning how to record Music using notation, mark making and technological devices..

On Friday afternoons, we either go to our Forest School or if the weather is wet we stay indoors for PE.    We will provide over-trousers, cagoules and boots but the children may prefer to bring their own wellies to school.  PE kit can be worn on Fridays.

In PSED this term, we will think about how we grow and change.


The timetable remains the same as last term and is attached below.


School provides a wide choice of delicious meals for our children.  If however, you choose to send a packed lunch, please think carefully about the nutritional value of what you send.


We use Parent Passport to share the children's learning adventures and other information with parents and carers.   It is always a treat to read your comments on there too.


Daily, the children have access to our Class Tuckshop. We provide free fresh cold milk, fresh water and a variety of fruit.

If you wish to send a drink to school, please ensure that it is water.

If you have any problems or queries, no matter how small, please do not hesitate to speak to one of the team who will be happy to help you.  


To find out more about the sort of activities we get involved in, watch our videos.  We hope that you enjoy them.


Finally, in our play areas we provide a lovely variety of activities for our EYFS children. Unfortunately, before and afterschool, older children will need to stay away from these resoucrces as they are suitable for our EYFS childern only.


(Teacher) Miss Haunch,

(Teaching Assistant) Mrs Moulsdale,  Mrs. Underwood & Miss Bamber

(EYFS Lead/Deputy Headteacher) Miss Haslam

Our Early Years Vision


We will:

· Promote a love of learning

· Encourage your child’s confidence, resilience, responsibility and respect.

· Help children understand about the diverse society in which we live.

· Provide opportunities for intellectual, physical, communication, social and emotional development.

· Meet the needs of your child.

· Provide formal and informal learning experiences both in and out of doors.

· Foster your child’s well-being.

Help to get your child off to a flying start

In order to get your child off to a flying start, there are a number of ways that you can help them before they start school. 



Developing your child's independence will allow them to function throughout the day without feeling frustrated or overwhelmed.


Encourage your child to be more independent by practising:

  • Putting on and fastening a coat
  • Putting on/taking off shoes and wellies
  • Toileting - the full works!
  • Hand washing
  • Using cutlery
  • Carrying lunch 


Personal Skills

During the day, your child will be interacting with lots of adults and children. They will need to:

  • Share resources
  • Take turns
  • Wait patiently
  • Listen to others


Physical Development

Providing plenty of opportunities for physical activity will develop their gross motor skills. Visiting local parks, having a walk to feed the ducks, using large playground equipment or visiting soft-play areas are brilliant ways of building confidence as well as skill.


Communication and Language

Develop your child's language skill by chatting to them as often as possible. When you are out and about, talk about what you can see, hear, smell, feel and taste.


Develop a love of Reading

By far, the best way to develop your child's vocabulary is by sharing books together. Look at the pictures together and discuss what is happening. Point to the words on the page as you read them and encourage your child to repeat words  and join in with familiar phrases. Please watch the two short videos below for more information about the importance of reading with your child.



The more you read, the more you'll know! The more you learn, the more places you'll go! (Dr Seuss)


During their time in Nursery and Reception, pupils engage in a range of adult and pupil led activities to develop their gross and fine motor skills in preparation for holding mark making tools and writing. Opportunities for pupils to strengthen their core, co-ordination, stability and upper body strength are planned through regular short movement sessions as well as through play in our learning environment.


When developmentally appropriate pupils in the early years begin learning the correct letter formation patterns by ‘air-writing’ and using large movements to draw with chalk or paint to support them in embedding correct starting points and directional flow.


Please encourage your child to use the correct letter formation when completing homework activities or any other writing activities at home (for example writing greetings cards).

Mathematical Development

Develop your child's awareness of numbers by singing counting songs or rhymes. Ask them to show you numbers using their fingers. When you are out and about, look for numbers in the environment, for example on doors, car registration plates or road signs. Follow the link below for some songs to sing together :-)


10 Counting Songs to Teach Your Kids - Empowered Parents 


See you all soon! :-)

Nursery & Reception Yearly Overviews

Topics covered in the Autumn Term were: 

Our topic this term was related to Friendship and Animals.  We started with some discussion to  stimulate our children to think about our locality and the animals and people who lived within it.  This promoted a piece of research into the impact of human activity on our world and each other.    We visited Willow Tree Woodlands and also walk to Sutton Dam to once again compare buildings, wildlife and landscape. 


In English we learned letter sounds in words.

In Maths we learned about numbers up to 5 and amounts which equal each numeral.

In PSED we found out about our choices and feelings.

In RE we discovered the Special People in our immediate lives but also in the world beyond.

In Science we explored the Natural World.

In Geography we found out more about People, Culture and Community.

In History we compared school life in the past to that of ours now.

In PSED we though about 'being me in my world'.

In Art and DT we found out about how we could combine different materials to make models or images of things that we saw around us.

In Music we made music both in and out of doors.


Special Events & Visits