Children are taught pure sounds during their Read Write Inc sessions. This is slightly different to how we were taught at school. The below video gives you examples of pure sounds and how they are taught.

How is Read Write Inc. taught at Willow Tree?
Early reading and writing are taught through our school’s chosen programme Read Write Inc.

The programme is for:

  • pupils in Year R to Year 2 who are learning to read and write
  • any pupils in Years 2, 3 and 4 who need to catch up rapidly.

We teach pupils to:

  • decode letter-sound correspondences quickly and effortlessly, using their phonic knowledge and skills
  • read common exception ‘tricky’ words on sight

Our aim is for pupils to complete the phonics programme as quickly as possible. The sooner they complete it, the sooner they will be able to choose books to read at their own interest and comprehension level. 

Typically we expect children to complete the programme by the end of the autumn term of Year 2. By the end of Key Stage 1, we aim for our pupils are able to read aloud age-appropriate texts accurately and with sufficient speed. This means that we can focus on developing their comprehension, preparing them well for transition to Key Stage 2.

Pupils who are making slower progress are expected to complete the programme by the end of Year 2.

The children are assessed every half term by Mr Allinson and are grouped according to their current level of development. 

In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, all of our teachers and experienced teaching assistants deliver the programme. The Read Write Inc. learning environment is carefully set up and organised to ensure that the session runs smoothly, allowing learning to take place. 

Phonic screening in Year 1
At the end of Year 1 pupils will undergo their phonics screening check which consists of 40 words that will be a mixture of real and nonsense words (also known as alien words). Alien words can be made up of any of the 49 phonemes taught and be put together in any sequence.

This is not a test but simply a check on the progress of your child’s decoding skills before they enter Year 2. An example of how the check is administered can be seen in the video below.

Pupils are expected to achieve a certain mark, which is set by the government each year. A pupil who does not meet this standard will re-take the screening in Year 2.

In 2019, 84% of children in Year 1 at Willow Tree passed the Phonics Screening. This is up from 72% in 2018.

A fun phonics game to help your child practice their alien words can be found using the link below below.

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