Our Aims and Mission Statement

The broad aims of Willow Tree Community Primary School are:

1. To educate children to be learners for life.

(Including – socially and emotionally, regardless of age, race, gender and ability, fostering independence, self esteem, confidence and a sound foundation for later life)

2. To enable all children to achieve their potential.

(Including – celebration of success in all areas  recognising positive contributions of every sort)

3. To create a safe, secure and happy environment, where children can thrive.

4. To create a place where we all develop respect and responsibility for ourselves and others.

(Including – speaking and acting appropriately at all times, caring for the environment and property).

5. To recognise and value differences within the whole school community.

(Including – children, parents, families, staff, Governors, visitors and anyone associated with our school).

These aims will provide the impetus for all our developments.

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