FSM Voucher Scheme

This page will house updates on the Free School Meal Voucher Scheme that is in effect while the school is closed due to coronavirus. This only applies to people who claim Free School Meals - it does not apply to Universal Free School Meals in KS1.

Wednesday 15th April 2020

Dear Parents

Update on FSM Voucher Scheme

I am writing to inform you of the current situation concerning the national FSM voucher system announced by the Department for Education during the lockdown due to Coronavirus.

Since school closed, we have been offering a packed lunch which can be collected from the main school office at 12pm every day (Monday to Friday).  This will continue until the voucher system gets up and running as there have been a number of problems with the delivery of vouchers.

Some of the problems which have been reported include:

  • Logging into the system after registering
  • The number of schools logging into the system trying to use it
  • Uploading the file needed to order the e-codes
  • Lengthy waits in delivery of the e-code vouchers
  • School being told the vouchers have been delivered when they have not been received.
  • E-Codes not working when parents have tried to use them in supermarkets.

I have now managed to register with the system run by a company called Edenred and I am currently trying to order vouchers to begin from 20th April.  However, with the unreliability of the system, I am planning to continue with offering a packed lunch to you which can be collected from the school office until the voucher system becomes more reliable.  This is a national system which all schools have to use.

Once the vouchers have been ordered, they will be delivered directly to you email address which Mrs Baxter and Mrs Adams checked on Tuesday 14th April.  If you know this to be incorrect or school does not hold the correct email address, please contact us as soon as possible.  If the voucher system is working, this should happen on Monday 20th April.

Once we have the voucher system up and running, you will then be able to choose between having a packed lunch every day or the voucher delivered weekly.  However, at the present moment, we will be continuing to offer a packed lunch every day.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,

Mr Perkins

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