Nursery Newsletter 29th November 2019

Willow Tree Nursery Class Newsletter

29th November 2019


This week we have been reading The Mitten. A delightful Ukrainian folk story about a little boy who loses a mitten, and the animals who make it into a home. The children have delighted in retelling the story and showing their skills in counting to nine and seeing how a group of objects can be changed by adding one or taking one away. The children waiting with great anticipation and excitement when the little mouse tickled the bears nose at the end of the story. I wonder if they can tell you what happened to the animals inside the mitten?


Next Week’s Book of the week will be Peace at Last. Just what Mrs Oskan needs 😉 We will be exploring sound and how we can change sound. perhaps you’d like to play along at home, or on the way to school. Can you be high, low, fast, slow, loud/quiet? Perhaps you could be a combination of two and three at the same time?

Don’t Forget…

To give your £1 per week (£6 per half term) snack money into the office please.

Water only in bottles please. It’s better for teeth and doesn’t become sticky and attract insects when spilt.

Also please provide your Child with a change of clothes labelled clearly in a bag on their peg. Children learn best when they are physically comfortable.


If you haven’t provided your child with a pair of wellington boots please do so asap. The boots make sure your child is able to explore comfortably and safely regardless of the weather, includes them in the routine of getting ready for outdoors independently, and ensures the learning indoor environment stays in good condition for the children.



Dates for the Diary

Tuesday 10th December : Willow Tree Christmas Fayre

Wednesday 18th December: Nursery Party & Visit from a certain portly gentleman that brings gifts this time of year.

Friday 20th December: Nursery Christmas Performance & Last day of term

Tuesday 7th January 2020: Back to school!


Special Request 

To help with our experimentation into sound, Mrs Oskan will be bringing her piano in from home. If we have any parents who can play another instrument and would like to show the children how you play, what the instrument sounds like, we would be delighted. Last year we had a Daddy with a guitar and the children (and staff) were thrilled to have a sing-a-long.


This week’s home task.

Following our focus on counting animals into a little mitten all of the children will be bringing home a little Matchbox, for a counting challenge. How many different objects can you fit inside your matchbox? The rules:

  • each object must be different,
  • the matchbox needs to be able to close.
  • You need to be able to have a go at counting the objects in and out of the matchbox.   

There will be a prize for the most objects, and a prize for the most interesting object.

Good luck!

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