Year 2 2019 - 2020

Miss Frodsham

01.06.20 update

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back! I hope you have all been safe in the sun and had lots of fun in your week off. We are now moving on to week 6 of our learning on Oak National Academy.


In maths this week you are starting a new unit, which is called Measure: Capacity and Volume. You will learn how to read the temperature on thermometers, estimate and measure in litres, solve word problems that involve metres, use millilitres and compare millilitres and litres using fractions.

Below is a link to a song, Professor Pipette explains measurements used to calculate capacity and volume.


In English this week you will continue to look at The Firework-Maker’s Daughter by Philip Pullman. This week you will focus on retrieving information from the text, identifying syllables in words and sentences and have a go at writing your own haiku. I cannot wait to see your fantastic poems!


This week, there is a new addition of PSHE lessons. You will look at how you can stay clean and healthy and make a sign that can be used to promote good handwashing.


This week in RE, you will learn about the key features of a synagogue, and what a common Jewish service looks like. You will also learn all about the Torah, the Holy Text of Judaism.


In PE this week, there are daily PE lessons with Joe, make sure that you take a look at this and get yourself moving!


This week in science, you will continue to learn about shadows. In this lesson, you will be learning how you can change the size of a shadow. You’ll have a go at creating your own shadow puppet theatre. You will need a pencil, a piece of paper, and if you’ve got them some cardboard, a pair of scissors and glue stick. You must ask for the help of an adult when using your scissors.


This week in Spanish you will recap your previous learning and then move onto learning how to say different colours in Spanish.


In art this week, you will be making a terrarium. A terrarium is like an aquarium, but for plants instead of fish. Do not worry if you do not have the items at home that the video suggests. You could draw a picture of a terrarium or draw the plants for inside it. I know how creative you all are!


Remember it is important to keep reading at home, you can use these links below.

Please keep all of the work that you have completed and take photographs where you can. I cannot wait to see all the fantastic things you have created whilst at home!

You can also use any of the links posted below to support your learning and keep you busy.

See you soon,

Miss Frodsham 


Useful links


Links to downloadable home learning packs and resources. 

Hamilton Trust

Free home learning packs to download for English and maths. 


A wide range of resources covering many national curriculum subjects.

Classroom Secrets

Free home learning packs to download.

Free home online learning for children.


BBC Bitesize KS1  

This is an online resource that has activities for all subject areas.

BBC Bitesize is also offering daily lessons for each year group.

Doorway Online 

Interactive activities covering a range of subjects and year groups.

Classroom secrets 

Free home learning packs to download.

Free home online learning for children.




A new picture each day to provoke discussion, debate or writing ideas.

Storyline Online

A fantastic story telling website.



It is really important to keep reading at home, you can read books, comics, recipes, poems etc.

There is also a selection of e-books on the links below.



Spelling Frame

Spelling activities.




At Willow Tree Primary School, we follow Ruth Miskin’s Read Write Inc. programme for phonics. Phonics helps us to learn sounds that we then blend (merge) together to read words. Each day there is a phonics lesson being shown on the website below. 

Set 1 Sounds Lesson is at 9:30am

Set 2 Sounds Lesson is at 10:00am 

Set 3 Sounds Lesson is at 10:30am




Youtube is great for finding times tables and other maths videos, we love this one in year 2! 

3 times tables uptown funk

Jack Hartmann

Variety of educational music videos.

Really useful for counting, skip counting, number bonds times tables. 

Top marks

In particular, hit the button is really useful for practicing times tables and number bonds.

Times Tables Rockstars

All children have a personal login for this online resource. Please let me know if you need your details again.



The Children’s University of Manchester 

Difference science activities.

Knowsley Safari Park 

Learn all about the animals and what they eat.

Chester Zoo

Lots of interesting facts about the animals and resources to explore.

Science Fun at Home

Lots of fun activities and experiments that can be done at home.


Resources, activities and guidance to support home learning.



Colouring Pages

A wide range of historically based colouring pages. 

The School Run

This website have free resources for parents to access for free.

Teachit Primary

Lots of activities and resources.



World Geography 

A range of resources and activities.

 The School Run

This website have free resources for parents to access for free.

 Teachit Primary

Lots of activities and resources.



PE with Joe

9am live sessions on youtube for children.

There are also workout videos for children on the channel.

 Go Noodle

Lots of videos to stay active at home, as well as mindfulness activities.

 Change 4 Life

A range of activities to get active, some Disney themed ones.


Music and Dance

Just Dance Kids

YouTube have a range of Just Dance videos to get you moving and dancing.

BBC Bring the Noise

Lots of different activities to get involved with.



Touch Tying 

An online programme for teaching and developing touch typing. 


Minecraft educational content is free for the duration of school closures, covering a variety of subject areas. 

Blockly Games

A simple coding activity.


Mental Health and Well-Being

Cosmic Kids Yoga

A wide variety of yoga and mindfulness activities, in year 2 we love the yoga adventures. I have been practicing yoga lots at home, my favourite so far is pokemon yoga, I cannot wait to hear what your favourite is 

Young Minds

Mental health charity for children and young people.  


Children’s mental health charity.

Mentally Healthy Schools

Information, advice and practical resources to better understand and promote children’s mental health and wellbeing.




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