Year 1/2 2019 - 2020

Mr Allinson

Coronavirus update 1.6.20

Good morning everobody. I hope you are well, still enjoying the beautiful weather and have enjoyed your half term. Now it is time to get back to work and what a lot of exciting activities the Oak Academy has for you!

Year 1 - It is all about poetry this week, writing, planning and hopefully performing to the family. Maths is addition and subtraction with the added challenge of word problems. Foundation is super exciting this week. You will learn about the first man on the moon, first woman in space, wind direction and create your own terrarium. Don't forget that Spanish as well. I would like you to pay particular attention to the PSHE lesson on washing hands as the lockdown restrictions ease. 

Year 2 - Maths this week can be really practical, reading scales and measuring quantities. English continues with the Firework Makers Daughter but with the added fun of Haikus (simple Japanese poems) later in the week. Foundation is perfect this week with measuring shadows, washing hands and creating a terrarium. These are all activities that can be done outside in this beautiful weather. 

Both years need to keep active so continue with Jo Wicks and I would definitely recommend Cosmic Yoga for children on YouTube. 

Year 1 -

Year 2 -

Stay Safe everybody, wash your hands and look after each other. 

Mr Alaugh   

Half Term update 27.5.20

Please take some time off from home schooling this week. Enjoy the sunshine responsibly, taking time to bring a bit of normality back to your home. 

If you wish to continue some learning then the Oak National Academy is providing some holiday camps. Below are the links you will need.   

Year 1:

Year 2: 

Please keep sending photographs but remember whatever activity you take part in 'Stay Alert' and be mindful of social distancng. 

Look forward to seeing you all again. 

Mr A

Just a quick one. Please could you send any pictures of learning, activities and good memories of the current lockdown you have of your children to Mrs Baxter. I hope to place them on the website and possibly use them for other ideas in school. Mrs Baxter will then email them on to me. Please use the email The photos will be made public so if wish others not to see them then let me know in your email. 




Stay safe and keep smiling
Mr A
Update 18.5.20

Good Morning everyone. one more week closer to returning to the new normal and one more week closer to seeing you all again. This weeks lessons are below. I hope you enjoy them. . 

Year 1:

Year 2:

Year 1 - It is dinosaur week this week and what alot of fun that is going to be! Your child will explore non-fiction texts, creating a non-fiction piece of writing about the king of dinosaurs himself, The T-Rex! Maths concentrates upon addition and subtraction of two digit and one digit numbers. This may seem difficult at first but you will be amazed at how quickly your children will pick this up. Foundation is all about great explorers and Amelia Earhart in particular. Keep up the PE with Joe Wicks and learning Spanish so that when we can go on holiday we can speak the lingo and be beac h ready. angel

Year 2 - This week is all about fronted adverbials, action writing and inferring meaning from the text ''The Firework Makers Daughter'. The book is starting to get really interesting and building to a climax, I can't wait to find out what happens, By the end of the week your child will have created their own piece of writing using action similar to that in the story.In Maths, it is our final week on fractions and fractions of given quantities, This is a very practical subject and can be carried out using objects from around the house. Foundation takes a religous turn, examining the Jewish religion and exploring the great stories of the Old Testament. Like Year 1, keep up the Spider jumps with Joe Wicks and continue with the Spanish ready for the return of Summer holidays.   

As Vera Lynn put it, 'we'll meet again, don't know where, don't know when, but I know we'll meet again some sunny day'.

Stay Alert. 

Mr A


In addition to all of the work set by the Oak National Academy, there are additional links below that will engage your child further.

Keep up the good work.   


Mr Allinson

Summer Term 1 yes


All of the children have been doing so well with their phonics this year, with the majority of children confident in their set 3 sounds. The Summer term is all about polishing off what they have already learnt. 

We use the Read Write Inc programme for phonics and below are the times that RWInc sessions are held on the RWInc website 

Set 1 Sounds Lesson is at 9:30 - 10am

Set 2 Sounds Lesson is at 10:00 10.15 am

Set 3 Sounds Lesson is at 10:30- 10.45 am


Reading is very important to your child's development. While at home it is important to read atleast once a day. This can be reading with your child or to your child. 

There are a selection of E - books available using the link below. Please allow your children to read them, read them to your children and share them with siblings. 

Year 2 Reading

Please use the link in the documents to download section and complete the Year 2 Reading File. This will help your child wit their reading skills, such as inference and deduction. 


In the Summer Term Year 1 and 2 will be consolidating the below aspects of writing. 

  • Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops
  • Form letters correctly, starting in the right place  
  • Question marks and exclamation marks
  • Join sentences using ‘and’
  • Pre-fix un- where there is no change to the root word (unhappy)
  • Suffixes where there is no change to the root word, –ed (pulled), -ing (pulling), -est (greatest), -er (greater)
  • Plurals –s (birds) and –es (dresses

In addition Year 2 children will be expected to; 

  • Use present and past tenses correctly (went, followed, blew)
  • Use when, if, that or because to join sentences
  • Write expanded noun phrases to describe a noun (the short, handsome teacher...)
  • Add suffixes to spell longer words eg. -ment - assessment

It would be wonderful if you could ask your child to write a diary entry every other day. They could write about how they feel, what they have done with their day. They could describe the weather, something they have made or are going to make. 

There is also an English activity pack in the download section on this page. 


In Science we would be learning about seasonal changes, spring to summer. You could set up your own weather station at home like this: 

and measure the temperature and rainfall etc.

What do you notice is happening to the daylight hours? What do we wear in the summer to keep us protected and why?

History & Geography

In History and Geography we were learning about our local area, St Helens. When you go for your daily constitutional (1 hour of daily exercise) you could explore your local area, looking at old buildings, business etc as you wonder. When you get home you could use google maps to compare Clock Face to other localities such as Formby beach or the rainforests in Australia.  

PE/ Music

We would normally be performing dances and working on balances and holds in groups. Obviously this is a bit tricky at the moment so please just take as much exercise as you can, be it with Joe Wicks, an hours walk or bike ride or something else that just keeps your chid active.  

And if all of this isn't enough to keep you entertained then Mrs Mills has put together the below list of top  activities to do on the web. 

Storyline Online

A fantastic story telling website.


Spelling Frame

Spelling activities.


Oxford Owl

Free online reading books.



A new picture each day to provoke discussion, debate or writing ideas.




YouTube - Jack Hartmann

In class we particularly like to enjoy songs by Jack Hartmann. Look hi up and get singing and moving whilst learning, counting, number bonds, doubles, shape etc!


For example: Number Bonds to 10



Times Tables Rockstars

All children have a personal login for this online resource. Please let me know if you need your details again.


Top Marks

This is great online maths games website. The second link, Hit the Button Game, is particularly good at practicing number bonds.



Deepening Understanding in Maths




The Children’s University of Manchester

Difference science activities.


Knowsley Safari Park

Learn all about the animals and what they eat.



Chester Zoo

Lots of interesting facts about the animals and resources to explore.


Science Fun at Home

Lots of fun activities and experiments that can be done at home.



Colouring Pages

A wide range of historically based colouring pages.


The School Run

This website have free resources for parents to access for free.


Teachit Primary

Lots of activities and resources.



World Geography

A range of resources and activities.


The School Run

This website have free resources for parents to access for free.


Teachit Primary

Lots of activities and resources.



PE with Joe

9am live sessions on youtube for children.

There are also workout videos for children on the channel.


Go Noodle

Lots of videos to stay active at home, as well as mindfulness activities.


Change 4 Life

A range of activities to get active, some Disney themed ones.


Association for Physical Education




Music and Dance:

Rock Kidz

Free live sessions every weekday at 2pm


Just Dance Kids

YouTube have a range of Just Dance Videos to get you moving and dancing.


BBC Bring the Noise

Lots of different activities to get involved with.



Touch Tying

An online programme for teaching and developing touch typing. 


Minecraft educational content is free for the duration of school closures, covering a variety of subject areas 


Blockly Games

A simple coding activity.





BBC Bitesize KS1  

This is an online resource that has activities for all subject areas.



This is a multi-subject resource.



Doorway Online

Interactive activities covering a range of subjects and year groups.



Classroom secrets

Free home learning packs to download.


Free home online learning for children.




Mental Health and Well-Being

Cosmic Kids Yoga

A wide variety of yoga and mindfulness activities, in year 2 we love the yoga adventures J


Young Minds

Mental health charity for children and young people.  



Children’s mental health charity.


Mentally Healthy Schools

Information, advice and practical resources to better understand and promote children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Stay safe everyone, keep as active as you can and I can't wait to see you all again. 

Mr Allinson

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