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Mrs Oskan

Welcome to our class page, a useful source of information about life in Nursery. Check here regularly to keep up to date with all of the amazing things the children have been doing.

During the coming weeks I will be putting up a series of tasks you can attempt from the Oak National Academy. The activities are under the 'reception' heading but are designed for nursery and reception and are suitable for a range of abilities. Help your child by supporting them in the activities that are suitable to their ability.

The teacher’s delivering the lessons are all real EYFS teachers and Miss Huges even has a mascot called Toffee, just like our class mascot!

You will find a list of activities in a weekly newsletter. The link to the Oak National Academy is…


At Willow Tree Nursery we believe passionately that every child should have the best opportunities to learn happily and reach their full potential. We value the uniqueness of each of our children and celebrate their individual talents and interests which form the basis for our planning and the development of our environment.

Through this, we provide a learning environment that is exciting and challenging for all. One which will promote their wellbeing, independence, self-esteem, sense of community and belonging.

To help your child’s day go smoothly…

School book bags are to be brought to school daily, along with a water bottle to enable your child to stay hydrated.

change of clothes bag also needs to be left in school with a full change of clothes including underwear and socks (clothing does not need to be uniform).

Our children have access to the outdoors in all weathers, so please ensure that your child is appropriately dressed in practical clothing. This means covering up in the sunshine, and warm coats and jumpers in the cooler weather.

Your child will need:

  • A pair of wellington boots, marked with their name in each boot.

  • A sunhat with their name in for the spring/summer.

These are to remain at nursery.

PE is held on Wednesdays and Fridays in the main school building. Children do not need any kit for our PE lessons. We conduct our PE lessons in bare feet and encourage the children to be independent with taking off and putting on shoes and socks. You can help your child by giving them plenty of opportunity to practice this skill at home.

Every week your child will be given a reading book and home task, on Friday. The home task is a lovely opportunity to share in your child’s life at Willow Tree. We very much value our parents/guardians as our children’s first and most enduring educators and see first-hand the positive impact your involvement has upon your child’s development. All of the home tasks will be relevant to your child’s current learning journey. Many of them will have no right or wrong answer and can be taken in whichever direction you and your child see fit. The main focus is sharing the joy of learning together as a family and embedding that joy in your child to see them through the rest of their educational journeys.

The newsletter will now be paperless and available weekly on our class page and will keep you informed of life in Willow Tree Nursery, our highlights, our focuses, and our future plans. Paper copies will be available if requested.

Finally, as parents ourselves, we understand how exciting and daunting it can be for you as parents/guardians as your little one begins their life away from home. If you would like to discuss your child’s wellbeing or learning and view their Early Years Foundation Stage Profile please make an appointment with myself, Mrs Oskan. I will be more than happy to accommodate, answer your concerns and share the joys of working with your precious child. 

From our parents:

"I feel my child is extremely well cared for in nursery. The staff are wonderful, not only with children, but parents too."

"The staff at Willow Tree have been amazing in getting to know each of the children individually and in supporting my son with his development."

"Thank you for making nursery so exciting and magical!"


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