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Welcome to Year 5


Teacher: Mr Latham

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Burrows


Maths – It is important that all children have a secure knowledge of all times tables, as this will assist them with their arithmetic practise this year. Across this Autumn term,we will be revisiting: place value, including: tenths, hundredths and thousandths, and also decimal numbers; number and written problems focusing on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. By the latter half of the autumn term, we will be looking at fractions; geometry and statistics such as line graphs and timetables. 

English – Our literacy will be linked with our topic work this term. We are focusing on the legend, ‘When the Giant stirred’ – Celia Godkin. Using this book, we will be concentrating on grammatical knowledge, such as: Prepositional phrases, fronted adverbials, relative clauses, verb tenses, adverbs and pronouns. This knowledge will then assist us with writing a description, a persuasive prayer, freestyle poetry, a formal persuasive article and a diary. The latter half of the term we will be looking at the book ‘The Dinosaurs of Water House Hawkins’ by Kerley and Selzrick.

Science – Our focus for science for the first half of the term is, earth and space. Then for the second half of the term we will be then looking at evolution.

Topic – The full term is geography based and concentrating on extreme environments, with a focus on: deforestation, volcanoes, earthquakes and biomes.

RE – We will be looking at sacred texts and the importance of them. In the second half-term, we shall be studying creationism and evolution.

PSHE – For the first part of the term we look at ‘Being me’ this then changes to ‘Celebrating differences.’

ICT – Within the ICT curriculum for this term, we cover safe and responsible use and digital literacy.

French – We are looking at numbers from 1-100, prices, hobbies, school and winter.

Art – Our art will be covered by our topic work.


Homework is given each Friday, to be returned by Thursday the following week. Children are given Literacy OR Maths. Please ensure book bags are in each day in case there is an opportunity for 1-to-1 reading.

PE – Invasion games is our topic.  Please ensure that your child has suitable kit, including pumps for indoor activities and trainers for outdoor PE sessions. Our P.E. day is Wednesday.

Please make every effort to be in school on time every single day as we begin work promptly at 8:50, whilst some children attend interventions assigned to their needs at this time also.

Thanks for your continued support,

Mr Latham, Miss Hull and Mrs Burrows.

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