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Year 4LB


Teacher: Mrs Bagdonavicius and Mrs Lawrenson

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Johns and Miss Topping


Hello and welcome to Year 4LB,

Life in Year 4 is always busy with lots going on, so here is some information to help you bring the things you need to school.

PE is on a Monday - make sure that you have your PE kit in school! Children are reminded to remove earrings preferably before school on those days to prevent loss etc.

We are also learning how to play the violin this year. If you sign the permission form, you can take your violin home so that you can practise - but make sure your violin is in school for our lesson on Tuesdays. Children can also do extra violin lessons after school, however they need to have signed the separate club permission form.

All children are encouraged to bring their own water bottles for water only (no juice or fizzy drinks).

Homework is given out on Thursday to be handed in by the following Tuesday.


Mrs Bagdonavicius, Mrs Lawrenson, Mrs Johns and Miss Topping.

Junior Chef Day

On Junior Chef Day, we learned facts about America and discovered how to make a delicious key lime pie!

In Science, we have been learning about teeth. We learned about the names of our different types of teeth and their functions, and we have conducted an experiment to see the effect that different drinks had on our teeth. We left egg shells in milk, water, coke and fruit shoot for a week and then observed our results. The children really enjoyed this! We have now began to look at the digestive system in more detail.

We've also started learning how to play the violin and learning all about music. This has been lots of fun!

In Art, we completed self-portraits by drawing the other half of our faces. We used measurement to try and keep them as in proportion as possible!

We had an excellent Roman day today! We all wore togas to help us get into character. We made shields and crowns, and had a feast with Roman food including honey cakes and honey and cheese pizza! We also did some work with Roman numerals including making clocks and doing addition, and dressed up as Roman soldiers. We did a dance practising our tortoise formation using our shields!

In English, we have been studying Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator by Roald Dahl. We have been designing our own aliens instead of the Vermicious Knids and writing descriptions of them. We enjoyed sharing details of our characters with our partners.

The whole school are currently looking at the story The Sea of Dreams. We have enjoyed using drama (particularly freeze frames) to retell the story. We got into small groups and each acted out small parts of the story then put it all together.

On 14th December, Year 4 visited Langtree Park to participate in a Sky Try session. We had lots of fun playing games such as stuck in the mud and enjoyed working with partners. We also had an extensive tour of the Saints ground, talked about the heritage of St Helens (and the Saints team itself) and learned about healthy eating. We even got to wear Saints shirts for some of the day! Our hosts were very welcoming and even included some players!

Our current topic in Science is electricity. We've been having loads of fun exploring static electricity, circuits, conductors and insulators. We have been doing lots of practical work which has been loads of fun! Here are just a few photos of us enjoying exploring Science.

In PE this term, we have been practising our ball skills. We have worked in pairs and small groups to practise throwing and catching, practised dribbling footballs, and have also played listening games.

In RE, we have been learning about different people. Recently we learned about Mother Teresa, and we held a hotseating session to ask questions about her life and work.

During our English sessions, we have been enjoying using drama to explore what characters think, and how they are feeling. We recently worked in pairs to act out a scene from our class text, The Silver Sword, where Joseph first meets Jan. We had to think about what to say, and how to use our facial expressions and body language to help explore how the characters felt.

In Art, we made cityscapes. We practised using different hues and shades of red and orange, and then drew and cut out a silhouette of a city. Finally we used chalk to enhance the details of our city!

We had an excellent time on World Book Day, dressing up as our favourite book characters, and pairing up with Oak class to read to them. A representative from our class participated in the Teachers vs Pupils book quiz - they did us proud, although the teachers won in the end! We have also been designing World Book Day tokens.  

On 6th March, we went on a trip to our local library, Chester Lane Library. We explored a range of books (particularly on the topic of pirates) and planned our own pirate story! We did an anagram quiz on children's authors, we got them all right (with a little bit of help from Mrs Lawrenson for one of the answers!). We had an excellent time, and the library staff commented on our lovely behaviour. Well done, Year 4!

We did a historical re-enactment of the Battle of Hastings! Look at our fantastic acting work:

Linked in with our learning about the Normans in History, we have been doing several art projects using this theme. We are in the middle of creating individual castles using junk modelling materials, and we have also been designing our own version of the Bayeux Tapestry that we will eventually put together. Here we all are designing our individual sections:

This half term, we are going to be learning all about chocolate! We decided to kick-start our new topic with a morning of activities. Both Year 4 classes combined together, and we tasted different types of chocolate and experimented with combinations of chocolate and fruit. We also made golden tickets based on Willy Wonka’s, and made some delicious chocolate biscuits in true Great British Bake Off style!

Our current Maths topic in Year 4LB is measure. Taking advantage of the lovely weather recently, we have been working outside in pairs to measure each other and create a chart showing our heights. We used centimetre and metre rulers to accomplish this, making sure to write our units of measure accurately! We really enjoyed working as a team to do our maths.

Most of our Year 4 children went on an amazing trip to Cadbury World! We travelled by coach, then went to the 4D cinema. We travelled in a very unusual lift! Following that, we got to see a great little film while our chairs moved - it made us feel like we were in the film! We had to wear 4D glasses so that it looked as if everyone was standing out from the screen. After that, we had our lunch and then were given a talk from a Cadbury World member of staff. They talked about the chocolate making process, showing us videos and letting us hold (and smell!) various chocolate making ingredients from different steps off the process. Our final trip was to the exhibition, which was very action packed -  we got to see the beginnings of Cadbury World through some beautiful exhibits, then a projection of John Cadbury told us about his life and further information about the origins of Cadbury World in a very interactive way. We got to ride on a car ride, where we saw chocolate eggs climbing, swinging and having all sorts of fun! Before we left, we visited the shop to buy souvenirs of our day. It was a very long day, but we had an amazing time and the children behaved impeccably!

We have been rehearsing for quite some time for our Super Sing Up event. Today was the event! We went to the Theatre Royal to sing with numerous other primary and secondary schools. We performed our songs: Can't Stop the Feeling, When I'm 64, Human, Feelin' Groovy, Beauty and the Beast, Belle and Gaston with great gusto! Well done to all of Year 4 for their hard work! (The harmonies sounded amazing altogether!)

This half term, we have been learning about Judaism in RE. We had lots of fun today making our own versions of the Torah, writing the aleph bet (alphabet) on them in Hebrew!

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