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Welcome to Year 3


Teacher: Mrs Spilsbury

Teaching Assistant: Miss Cowley


What a wonderful start the children have had in their first term as juniors! Everyone has started the day on time, looking smart in their uniforms, ready to learn!


What to expect in Year 3

PE is on Monday and Thursday. Please provide full PE kit; white t-shirt, black shorts and pumps to be kept in school for the duration of the term. Children can take this kit home to wash at the end of each half term and return on the start of the next school day.

Now we are in Year 3, children will have the opportunity to start swimming lessons and we will notify you when these are due to start and also the requirements of the swimming baths with regards to swimsuits.

If you would like your child to have access to water throughout the day, please provide a named water bottle for them to use, this can be taken home daily to be washed and refilled. Please note that we do not allow juice or flavoured water in the classrooms, only water.

As we cannot provide snacks for the juniors, if you wish your child to have a snack during break time please provide them with a healthy snack, or if you wish, your child can purchase a snack from the tuck shop. Please ensure that snacks are sent in with your child separately from their lunch boxes as children do not have access to their lunchboxes in the class.

Homework and spellings are sent out on Thursday to be completed by the following Tuesday. We will be sending out Year 3 key words in addition to the set Year 3/4 spellings as set out by the Government in the National Curriculum.

Please check out our class website regularly for updates and also to have a look at the wonderful work and activities your children have been experiencing throughout the year.


What a great start we have had in Year 3 with some fantastic learning!

In Maths we played lots of games to make sure we had a firm understanding of place value to apply throughout the year and even went on a treasure hunt to match our correct numbers.

In English we started reading our class book and used drama to retell the story. Our imaginations were developing as we used props to create different aspects of the story. Well done Year 3, what an excellent start to the year.

In DT we designed and created an ‘inspiration shirt’ and included images or thoughts that help us to feel inspired. We will be using these shirts to help us whenever we need extra inspiration!

We have also been studying Roman art and have made some lovely mosaics. We have used our thinking hat to help us think, we have created a class prayer and have practised Buddhist meditation! Additionally, we have been using our drama skills to help support our understanding of our English, and have used "conscience alley" to excellent effect!

This term we are reading the book Major Glad and Major Dizzy by Jan Oke. Why don’t you ask your child about the book? Ask them to tell you what happens in the story and how this links with our topic of ‘What did children do after school 100 years ago?’

Imagine what life would be like without x-box, gadgets and the internet? That is exactly what we did and discussed how dreadful life would be. Then in our DT lesson we had an exciting time designing and making our own games that children played with 100 years ago and actually had lots of fun! These games included blow football, snakes and ladders, kite making and designing and dressing paper dolls. Some children even said that they preferred the old style games!

As a school we have had an attendance challenge and our lucky winners went to the cinema to watch a movie. Congratulations to Aidan and Antony for achieving 100% attendance this term. All 100% attendance children received chocolates and the chance to be part of a draw to win a big prize. Antony was particularly lucky this week as he won the first prize draw of a tablet- well done Antony! 100% attendance really is a huge achievement as time away from school can have a big impact on learning so well done to everyone who improved their attendance.

The children have also had a lot of fun with their class Christmas party where we played lots of games and won prizes. We even had a visit from our own class Santa!

Merry Christmas everybody!

This term, we will be writing about myths and legend. We have learned about different myths including the story of Icarus and used drama to retell this. In Geography, we are learning about maps and have been able to identify the 7 continents.

In science we have been learning all about plants and which parts of the plants we eat.

To put our learning into practice, we went on a trip to Sutton Academy to learn how to make bread.

We talked about the process we go through to get flour and what we need to eat to keep us healthy. We used our ingredients to create dough and then ate our lunch whilst it was rising. We then decided what bread shapes to make and baked them. Our bread was delicious! I wonder if anyone shared theirs at home?

Over the last term we have been learning all about fractions. We have found our own fractions from objects in the class, calculated fractions of amounts and created our own fractions. This term we will be adding and subtracting fractions, finding equivalent fractions and solving problems involving fractions.

Visit to Tesco

What a lovely time the children all had at Tesco on their Farm to Fork trail. First of all we had a tour of the warehouse and were told all about how an online shop works. Then we travelled through into the fridges and freezers- They were huge and so cold!

Next we went to the bakery and looked the ingredients required to make bread, we looked at the dough, yeast and the tall standing rotating ovens.

After that, we visited the fish counter where we could see live shellfish and we learned about how the fish were caught and the different speeds some fish travel depending on their predators. We looked at the fins of a sea bass and put on special gloves to hold some - can you see its teeth?

We went to the cheese counter and sampled some different delicious cheeses and discussed different ways to make cheese and where the cheese is sourced. Following on from that we went to the fresh fruit and vegetables where we learned about where the fruit and vegetables come from, and how to tell if fruit is fresh. After our tour we then sampled some fresh fruit and do-nuts from the bakery.

Finally we completed an activity booklet about everything we had experienced. What a great morning.

In year 3 we are reading the book Leon and the Place Between by Grahame Baker-Smith.

We have been doing lots of writing about this book to describe the characters and predicting what might happen and what our characters might do. We have made puppets based on the characters and today we created our own play-scripts and performed these in front of the rest of the class. We had so much fun!

This week we have been learning all about lines and 90 degree angles. We went on a treasure hunt around the class to find objects that had horizontal, vertical, parallel, diagonal and perpendicular lines. We then used actions to help to remind us of which ones they are. Ask your child to show you.

In maths we have been learning all about 3D shapes. We have talked about faces, edges, verices and vertex. Look at our fabulous models that we made.

Year 3 took the opportunity to make the most of the weather to sketch some aspects of nature. Depending where we sat we had a different view and could present sketch our aspect of nature in lots of ways.

Rhiannon won our Tesco colouring competition! Here she is being awarded her certificate. Well done, Rhiannon!

We have been investigating shadows. We drew around our shadow at 9.30. we went out at 12.00 midday and measured again. Our shadow had changed, it had moved and was smaller, this is because the sun is higher in the sky. We went out again in the afternoon and the shadow had changed again, this is because the sun moves during the day.

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